Honda Navigation System Update DVD

Updating your Honda Navigation system has never been easier or cheaper. It is amazing how many people drive round using an out of date navigation disc in their Honda. It makes us smile can you imagine following a map that was no longer accurate. Well that is exactly what so many people are doing. Are you one of them?

The benefits are clear for updating your navigation system up to date maps including 1000’s of new roads highways and sub districts. That is not touching on the many new and updated points of interest. We have all done it driving somewhere new looking for gas and end up following the GPS only to turn up at another coffee shop or car wash because of your navigation system is not out of date.

Lets look at what updating your Honda GPS will not do.  Its not going to reduce traffic on the roads and highways sorry its not a miracle worker. At least if you do get stuck in traffic you will be confident you are in the right traffic and not wasting your time for no reason because of your out of date maps.

Did you know that your current navigation system could be making you spend money you don’t need too. The new navigation system has an updated feature called ETC its stands for electronic toll collection. So how does that save you money? Simple really if you are driving a new or unfamiliar route your new navigation system will be able to plan a route for you that minimizes the amount of tolls you will pass on your journey. This clever piece of tech manages to do this without adding time to your journey. It plans the quickest and most cost effective route for you.

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To upgrade your Honda GPS click the link below for the cheapest deals. Make sure your Honda GPS is up to date and you aren’t wasting time and money following out of date routes. It’s easy to install and will help you drive safely securely. Giving you the knowledge that you have the latest routes and amenities on your dashboard. You will have the confidence in your GPS just like when you bought your new Honda.

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Honda Navigation System Update

The start-up screen of a Honda GPS when you have the new DVD installed.

Honda Navigation Update – Why Buy?

Your Honda navigation DVD will arrive in the post you simply install it and you have all the current maps at your fingertips. It includes every change in the roads highways and gives you 1000’s of points of interest for local business restaurants and a like. Leaving you to drive your Honda. You will be safe in the knowledge that you are going to the right place following the quickest and safest routes and you will arrive on time at the destination of your choice. This is all available with the Honda GPS update.

With the points of interest feature available on the new Honda GPS update. If you are driving and need to find local amenities such as the mall, shopping precinct, restaurants, gas stations you can. This means that with your new Honda navigation update you are never caught driving aimlessly around looking for what you need. You shouldn’t be wasting fuel and time while you try and find what you are looking for.  With the new Honda navigation DVD that gas station or shopping mall will already be loaded in your dashboard. You will get where you need to be without the time wasting and unnecessary stress.

 Honda Navigation DVD – What’s Included?

With your Honda Navigation update DVD you will have all the new highways subdivisions, Business, points of interest loaded in your dashboard and at your fingertips. The coverage spans the 48 contiguous of the United States, Hawaii and boarder region of Canada. So where ever your Honda is taking you your GPS will be prepared to make it a seamless journey. It also includes the electronic toll collection (ETC) feature. This is a great feature to use on the US highways. It allows you to minimize or maximize your usage of the toll roads across the US border of Canada and Hawaii. This is just one of the ways that the Honda GPS upgrade can help you save money while you drive.

 Honda GPS Update Saves You Money

 With the Honda Navigation upgrade DVD you will save money. We have touched on how this can already be achieved using the Electronic toll collection setting in your GPS system. This option allows you to map your route either minimizing or maximizing your usage of the Tolls as you travel through the 48 contiguous of the US. With toll fees costing between $1.75-$6.00 you could be immediately saving money. Your inbuilt Honda GPS system will map your route ensuring that you are minimizing your cost as you make your journey through the US. Along with this your Navigation update will cover all the changes that have happened to the roads, highways, and subdivisions that could affect your journey. It could save you gas on your journey allowing you to save money while you are making your journey.  With the average US driver driving 16550 miles last year. Updating your Honda navigation DVD could save you up to $495.00 in gas costs over the year that’s 142 gallons of gas every year. This is not only good for your pocket but also the environment 1057kg of CO2 could be saved by you upgrading your Honda navigation system.

Worked out on driving 16,550 miles per year, with an average fuel cost in your area of $3.49 per gallon. 

Honda Civic Navigation DVD Update                            


Image from Honda official site

With one of the most popular brands of Honda the civic. You can also upgrade your inbuilt GPS system to the latest Honda civic navigation DVD. Giving you   all the benefits mentioned above like gas savings time money. All while helping to reduce your carbon footprint. With the upgrade your Honda Civic GPS update will give you all the information your navigation system needs to optimize your driving experience. You will have peace of mind in knowing that you are following the cheapest safest and quickest route available. It will also be using the latest roads and identifying the local current amenities as you make your journey In your Honda civic. Click on the link to purchase the newest update available for your Honda civic navigation system at the cheapest prices available.

 Honda Accord GPS update 



Image from Honda official site

 The award winning Honda accord’s navigation update is available to you now with the latest routes and many features. Like the Electronic toll collection (ETC) setting 1000’s of new and updated points of interest. Also Including all new subdivisions road and highway changes. The Honda accord GPS update is available to various models of the Honda accord see below to see what Accord GPS update your Model of Honda accord needs.

Honda navigation update for my model of Honda

Honda navigation upgrades are available for almost every make and model and year from the Honda range that has an inbuilt GPS system. Please click the link below if you are looking to update your Honda GPS system with all the latest features and benefits.

  • Civic
  • Accord
  • CRV
  • CR-Z
  • Crosstour
  • Element
  • Fit
  • Jazz
  • Pilot
  • Ridgeline
  • Odyssey

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